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Academic Enrichment Classes- 1-5th Grade

There are now two different options. State vaccination regulations apply. Work samples will be sent home.
1. The first proposed program would utilize student's enrichment funds to add a day of on campus instructional time for families who are desiring more higher level academic instruction from credentialed teachers with more advanced projects and more time with other students. Families would need to commit for one 12 week trimester from 9am-12pm, for a total of $180 out of enrichment funds. (Yes, that breaks down to $5 an hour for high quality instruction). We have a nine student minimum. Classes would be broken up into two multi-age groups of 2nd and 3rd grade (Wednesday Class) and 4th and 5th grade (Tuesday Class). Students at the lower grade level (2nd and 4th grades) should be reading at grade level to be able to have success at the multiage learning model. Students could also attend only this class if they wanted to.
2. The second proposed program would be Literacy Launch. Our little astronaut literacy team will explore new places each week (incorporating social studies learning) and also investigate different creatures and aspects of nature each week (incorporating science learning). We will start with the letter "A" and blast off to places such as Africa, Australia, and the Amazon and explore "A" creatures and nature topics such as alligators, ants, and algae. Our expeditions will take us through the alphabet. We will do fun and engaging read-alouds, book studies, spelling/phonics, and writing surrounding these explorations. We will also incorporate art projects and hands-on activities as part of our literacy adventures! Our time will be very integrated and thematic. Let’s launch into literacy! This class would be appropriate for 1st-3rd graders who are not yet fluent readers. Families would need to commit for one 12 week trimester from 9am-12pm on Wednesdays, for a total of $180 out of enrichment funds.

2nd-8th Grade Fall NWEA Math and AR Reading Assessments 2024-2025

Welcome to the first district assessment schedule for the 2024-2025 school year. Our 2nd-8th grade students will be taking the NWEA Math and Acelerated Reader Testing. The directions are a little lengthy, but please read all the way through them and follow them carefully. We REALLY appreciate the people who sign up early and do not need reminders to sign up. That helps our office save a lot of time. Thank you!

Feel free to ignore this if you only have TK/K/1 or Blended Middle School kiddos.


Director's Message

Arete Charter Academy recognizes the value of each child and strives to inspire students to learn and grow to their potential by providing a quality education through a positive learning experience.  We work in partnership with the home and community to meet the individual needs of the student and develop the learning and social skills necessary for maximizing lifelong learning potential.
Arete Charter Academy believes that an educated person in the 21st Century is a confident, life­long learner, who can communicate effectively, think creatively, reason logically, manage resources effectively, and understand and capitalize on their own talents, strengths, and abilities. Operating at 16229 Duggans Road, Grass Valley, California, Arete Charter Academy will improve educational opportunities for students and families in Nevada County and surrounding counties by providing a school that is:
Offering a rigorous academic curriculum to all its students.
Committed to maintaining high expectations for both academic and personal performance.
Believing that students deserve the opportunity to have instruction delivered in a way that is meaningful and accessible to them.

Providing a supportive school environment.
Including parental involvement as an essential element of a quality educational experience.
Acknowledging that every person is valuable and deserves respect.
Knowing that all students can learn and that they learn in different ways.