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Encourage, Engage, and Educate all students to learn and grow to their full potential, recognizing the diverse value of each child.

Distance Learning Until June 5,2020

Distance Learning will continue until the end of the school year.

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News & Announcements

Let's Show Some Love to Essential Workers

There are so many essential workers out there putting their lives on the line to bring us goods and services. We encourage you to have your kiddos create thank you pictures and drawings for those people. We encourage you to share them with the people in your lives, whether it is doctors, nurses, child care workers or any of the others out there (can be done digitally). At Arete, we would love if your kiddos made these creations with their thank you's and you sent them to us at Then we will share them digitally with grocery stores or print, let sit for three days, and mail to the grocery stores directly. We want to show appreciation for the front line workers in all of this. We would love to have you join us!

20 Day Binder Update

Regarding 20 Day Meetings for the rest of the school year- This is HUGE change. 
We will begin collecting digital copies of-
*Attendance logs
*PE logs

We will be asking you to verbally/virtually confirm that your child has completed all 8 work samples. For all students, please save 2 samples each of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.  If we get audited, you will be asked to produce those work samples. If parents do not want to hold onto their samples, they can send digital copies to teachers or drop them off at Arete on Monday, 4/13 from 10-1 or Thursday, 4/16 from 10-1. Parents can also pick up PE and attendance logs at those times. Please email me with questions. This is an ever changing situation that will take time to adjust to. Thank you for your patience!

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