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Arete Resource Center

What should my child bring to the Arete Resource Center each day?

Please send in a healthy snack, your child’s Chromebook (if doing online curriculum), and any workbooks your child needs to access their curriculum.


What are the hours of the Arete Resource Center?

Students from 4-8th may attend Mondays and Wednesdays from 9am-12pm. Students from TK-3rd may attend Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12pm. Students are divided into age level appropriate classrooms.


What is the fee for the Arete Resource Center?

The Arete Resource Center is free as we feel it is very important for the student to have academic and social time together and for our staff to get to know the students.


What do students do while at the Arete Resource Center?

Students work on their individual lessons with trained and credentialed staff to support them. For TK-8 we have an Art History lesson each month with an accompanying hands-on art project. For TK-5, we teach a Science or Social Studies lesson each day, attend library twice a week and often completes craft projects. We have garden/ chickens and Social Emotional Learning lessons twice per month. This year we are adding music instrudtion!


How does the Blended Middle School Work?

Arete is so excited to have added this program. 5-8th Grade students may attend school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am-2pm. Please click here for more information. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1DWCdJYot2ZTZDePzPdq5CSMpgaYeQthSuw6S3la5vbY/edit?ouid=100476871323664414610&usp=mail_response_notification&urp=gmail_link


Are there additional enrichment opportunities offered at Arete?

Students can use their Instructional Funding to attend additional enrichment classes. TK-8 students are invited to participate in additional monthly enrichment classes such as sewing machine lessons, French, Spanish, American Sign Language, drama, hand stitching, baking, yoga, ceramics, acrylic painting, cooking, and many more.


How do field trips work?

Arete pays for field trip fees for all enrolled students. Some field trips may have a participant cap. Families and siblings need to pay for themselves. Most field trips are all age, for the exception of when the location hosting the field trip has an age requirement or limit.