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FAQ » 20 Day Meetings and Binders

20 Day Meetings and Binders

What do I need to turn in at 20 Day Meetings?

At a minimum, for online classes, at least two samples from each subject (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) should be presented at your 20-day meetings. For students completing hands-on curriculum only, at least two work samples are required for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

What if I do not turn everything in on time?

You will not earn a ticket to the 20 Day Completed Binder Party and if you have not submitted all eight-sixteen work samples required at your 20-day meeting within one week after your meeting, Arete will report a percentage of absent days to the State of California that corresponds with the amount of missing work. Any instructional funding for those absent days will be rescinded from the student.

How often do I meet with my Educational Advisor?

You must meet every 20 days, but can meet more often if requested by the student, parent or Educational Advisor.