Sunday, April 7 Update

Hello all,

So many things are coming up and some new items added this week… 

*Book Fair-This runs from 8:30-3 Monday and Tuesday and 9-12:30 on Wednesday and then we start packing it up. Lots of great books and a small portion of proceeds come back to us to purchase more books for our library!


*April 9th Pizza Fundraiser- Arete is teaming up with Papa Murphy's take 'n' bake pizza in Auburn so that we get 30% donated to the school for every pizza we order! All of the details to order, pay, and enjoy are on this form. Please submit before Monday April 8th at 1pm. On Tuesday April 9th you can pick up your pizza at Arete and take it home, or we can cook it for you and you enjoy a pizza party in the MPR with your friends while browsing books at the book fair!


The week has finally arrived for our Arete Student Showcase on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:15-9:45 we are inviting ALL students to display projects they work on during the year. Please drop off projects on Monday. Then come back on April 9/10 at 9am to stand by your project. Classes and other interested adults are invited to view the displays starting at 9:15. Please come visit and ask questions of our amazing scholars and their projects.


*Arete’s Blended Middle School has created our 3rd amazing yearbook and you can purchase your yearbook now to have delivery by the Fun Field Days at the end of May. Go here… and enter passcode: 101636661669265. The deadline for custom pages is April 26th and the deadline for ordering the yearbook is May 2nd.


*Parent Appreciation Day is coming! Grandparents who help out are invited too! On Friday, May 17 from 9:30-10 I will be running my coffee/tea bar without accompanying breakfast snacks. Then at 10am, our dearly missed yoga teacher, Amy Ford will return to lead all of you in a refreshing and relaxing yoga class. Arete staff will provide babysitting services! We hope you can come join us!


*Here is the outline for all of the April SEL Lessons broken up by grade level. I have attached the Layout document for the specific grade levels. In each layout I have included; the summary of this month's theme, a video link with discussion/talking points, and a resiliency booster activity with a link.


Overall Monthly Theme: Lift the Weight


You're invited to Arete’s Craft Fair!! Friday April 26th, 2024 from 12:30-1:30pm. Arete current and former families and students will be selling crafts that they made. There will be a raffle at 1:30pm, and you can buy raffle tickets for $1 each. This is a fundraiser for our school. We will have an area where you can put donations for our school. For example library books, craft supplies, food and bedding for the chickens, playground toys for the younger kids etc…. We hope that you can come join us!! If you would like to sign up, and sell things at this craft fair please sign up here. Signups and payments are due THIS Friday, April 12.

Arete Spring School Photos with Total Capture Photography

Tuesday, April 16
9:15-9:30        Walk-ins & Staff

9:30-9:50       Marina Codiga's Class (2/3)
9:50-10:10      Nicole Tomasetti's Class (TK/K)
10:10-10:30    Amber Baker/Cassie McAlister's Class (1/2)
10:30-11:30    Walk-ins & Staff

Wednesday, April 17
9:15-9:30         Walk-ins & Staff

9:30-9:50        Meredith Doerr's Class (4/5)

9:50-10:10      6th Grade BMS

10:15-10:30    7th Grade BMS

10:30-10:50    8th Grade BMS

10:50-11:10    Leah Veblen's Class (6-8th Resource)

11:15-12:00    Walk-ins & Siblings


We only have a few weeks left and still have not received any donations and we need your help!

Hi Arete Family! Staff appreciation week is coming up in May! We are planning lots of special treats for our amazing staff but we need your help to make it possible. I have attached a signup for one of the days. Be on the lookout for more to come. Also we are in need of monetary donations so we can provide the staff with chair massages and some other fun things. Please contact Samantha Randall if you can contribute financially. We also need help with set up and clean up. Please message me if you can help in anyway. THANK YOU!!! Let’s taco-bout how great you are - Taco bar


*Arete’s 3rd Talent Show is coming Tuesday, April 16 at 11am. Sign ups will be April 9 and 10. Mr. Cody will be back with his rockin’ snack station raising funds for Staff Appreciation Week!

*Square One Art- Order forms arrive: around 04/05/24 (You will receive a personalized flier with your child’s artwork on the samples so you can see what it looks like. Your final deadline to order online is: 04/19/24

We always hope to have the orders arrive before Mother’s Day as they make great and personalized gifts.

*Want to Sign Up For the Resource Center- do so here

Spring Enrichments- Sign up here

3-8th Grade CAASPP & 5th & 7th Grade Physical Fitness Testing 2023


*2023-2024 Field Trips- Sign up here

*Have Photos For the Yearbook?Email to [email protected]


Want to join Arete’s Private Family Group on Facebook- do so here. Arete Charter Academy Family Group


Remember to email Sarah at [email protected] a few days before a kiddos’ birthday if you want to send in treats so I can check for food allergies. Nuts are never allowed, but some individual classes have food allergies that I also monitor closely. Thanks for keeping our students safe. We also strongly encourage healthier treats if possible as some families closely monitor their kiddos’ sugar and food dye intake.

Please remember that we are a NUT FREE school as we have several students with severe nut allergies. Kiddos may enjoy nut free granola bars and spreads on their sandwiches and all the nut free favorites when away from Arete. Thanks!


*Want to see dates for the entire year? Click here


Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year

*April 8  Book Fair 8:30-3 

*April 8- 4/5 Garden 10:30-11, 6-8th Garden 11:20-11:50

*April 8 Archery 12:15-1:15

*April 8 STEAM 12:15-1:30

*Student Showcase April 9 and 10- 9:15 am

*April 9  Book Fair 8:30-3 

*April 9- First Grade Garden 11:20-11:50, Kindergarten 10:45-11:15

*April 9 STEAM 12:15-1:30

*April 9 Volleyball Game @ Chicago Park 4pm

*April 10  Book Fair 8-12:30 

*April 9 Arete Student Showcase

*April 10 Arete Student Showcase

*April 11- 2/3 Garden 11:20-11:50

*April 11 Lego 12:15-1:45

*April 11 Volleyball game vs YRC @ Union Hill

*April 11 Love and Logic Parenting Classes @ Alta Sierra School 6-7:30pm

*April 12- Deadline to sign up for Arete’s Craft Fair here

*April 12 Physical Fitness Testing 9-12 Meet in front of MPR

*April 12 Culinary Adventures w/Ms Doerr 9-10:30

*April 12 Foraging and Cooking Class @ Garden Goddess Farm AS 2-4pm

*April 12 Pottery Wheel 12:30-1:30