Sunday, January 28 Update

Hello all,

So nice to see the sun peek out this weekend!

*Parent Action Committee Meeting- This was moved to Tuesday, January 30 because the state changed their deadline to have School Safety Plans turned in to the school board. All are invited to our meeting at 12:15 in the library to review the plan and give parent input. We will also discuss the Talent Show, Math Intervention, Staff Appreciation Week.


*January 29-31 20 Day Meeting Treats in the Office- Squishy Fidgets (This is a non-food treat, so all can participate).

*Friday, February 9 Candyland Winter Dance 6-7:30 6-8th Grades) Permission slips and entry fee due by February 8 in the front office. Permission slips were sent home with on campus kiddos, are in the front office or email [email protected] for a copy. Please sign up here to donate time/items.  2023-24 Families Candyland Dance Donations (State vaccination regulations apply)

​​"Math Masterminds" is a fun math night for the whole family. All Arete families are invited. You are invited Thursday, February 8, 5:30-6:30 pm to the Arete MPR for an evening of 'make & take' math activities hosted by Mrs. Tamo and other Arete teachers followed by a Math "Spy Adventure" Escape Room. All participants are invited to come dressed in black as part of our SUPER SPY team. Your family will leave that night with several activities that promote math and maybe a raffle prize. We will have some fun math theme prizes. Please come and join us for this fun math adventure. This is a free event for all. 

Math Masterminds Family Night

*Practice CAASP Testing- This year we are going to have individual and/or sibling times for families to sign up to practice some of the skills that will be included on the State tests. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to get familiar with the testing format and the tools that may be used. During practice testing, students can ask any questions they have and we CAN answer/help them. If your student gets overwhelmed on testing days this is a chance for them to see it's really not so bad!

Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you! Please email [email protected] if you need a different day/time.

**This sign-up is for students who DO NOT usually come on campus as we are building testing practice into our Resource Center and Blended Middle School days.**

Practice CAASPP Testing Sign Up


*PRSD is focusing on reducing Tech Addiction in Children and building pathways for Digital Health. Each week I will share a NEW tidbit about this or how to to reduce screen time for kids who struggle with this.

*National Institute for Digital Health and Wellness, Source for more information for education, prevention and treatment resources for schools, families and therapists.

*Education psychologist and author of Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect Our Children’s Minds Jane Healy spent years doing research into computer use in schools and, while she expected to find that computers in the classroom would be beneficial, now feels that “time on the computer might interfere with development of everything from the young child’s motor skills to is or her ability to think logically and distinguish between reality and fantasy.”

*Patricia Green field, distinguished professor of psychology at UCLA, analyzed more than 50 studies on learning and points out that reading for pleasure among young people has decreased in recent decades, which is problematic because “studies show that reading develops imagination, induction, reflection and critical thinking, as well as vocabulary…in a way that visual media such as video games and television do not.”

*Screen Addition Diagnosis may be determined by examining the following areas: Dr. Kimberly Young’s “Internet Addiction Test” Assessment Tool, Screen Usage is adversely impacting the person’s life (professionally, socially, physically, academically, etc), Engage in screen usage for long than anticipated, sleep deprivation, personal hygiene suffers, lack of enjoyment or involvement in activities that had been pleasurable, aggression or mood dysregulation when devices are taken away.

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*2023-2024 Field Trips- Sign up here

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Remember to email Sarah at [email protected] a few days before a kiddos’ birthday if you want to send in treats so I can check for food allergies. Nuts are never allowed, but some individual classes have food allergies that I also monitor closely. Thanks for keeping our students safe. We also strongly encourage healthier treats if possible as some families closely monitor their kiddos’ sugar and food dye intake.

Please remember that we are a NUT FREE school as we have several students with severe nut allergies. Kiddos may enjoy nut free granola bars and spreads on their sandwiches and all the nut free favorites when away from Arete. Thanks!


*Want to see dates for the entire year? Click here


Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year

*January 29-31 20 Day Meeting Treats in the Office- Squishy Fidgets

*KMC Archery with David Webb - Archery Lessons - Ages 7 + - Mondays 01/29, 02/5, 02/12, 02/26 

*January 30- Cookie Science w/Ms Doerr 12:15-1:30

*January 30- 12:15 pm- Parent Action Committee Meeting- Library

*January 31 SAEL Presentation 6-8th Grade

*February 1-29 Around the World Read-a-Thon

*February 1 Lego Motor Madness  12:15-1:45

*February 2- Art Class w/Stephanie and Wendy 10:30-11:30