Sunday, January 21 Update

Hello all,

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

*Parent Action Committee Meeting- This was moved to Tuesday, January 30 because the state changed their deadline to have School Safety
Plans turned in to the school board. All are invited to our meeting at 12:15 in the library to review the plan and give parent input. We will also discuss the Talent Show, Math Intervention, Staff Appreciation Week.

*January 29-31 20 Day Meeting Treats in the Office- Squishy Fidgets (This is a non-food treat, so all can participate).

*Friday, February 9 Candyland Winter Dance 6-7:30 6-8th Grades) Permission slips and entry fee due by February 8 in the front office. Permission slips were sent home with on campus kiddos, are in the front office or email [email protected] for a copy. Please sign up here to donate time/items.  2023-24 Families Candyland Dance Donations (State vaccination regulations apply).

*Square One Art- We are so excited to offer this opportunity again. We do not really make any money on it, but it is a wonderful way to get your children’s art on all sorts of projects. Click here to get more information.

Our awesome Art Docent teacher filmed instructional videos that kiddos can follow along from home. The special paper needed and many product samples are available in the vestibule at Arete. You also can submit the special paper with any art that your kiddos create.

Art Due: March 6th @ 10:30 am in the Arete office

Order forms arrive: around 04/05/24 (You will receive a personalized flier with your child’s artwork on the samples so you can see what it looks like.

Your final deadline to order online is: 04/19/24

We always hope to have the orders arrive before Mother’s Day as they make great and personalized gifts.

*April 9 and 10 Arete Student Showcase- Similar to our STEAM Showcase last year- we are inviting ALL students to display projects they work on during the year. Please drop off projects on April 4, 5, or 7 for us to create the display. Then come back on April 9/10 at 9am to stand by your project. Classes and other interested adults are invited to view the displays starting at 9:15. We are telling you now so you can save projects you can complete during the year. Projects can be submitted by any Arete student!

*​​Math Masterminds is a fun math night for the whole family. All Arete families are invited. You are invited Thursday, February 8, 5:30-6:30 pm to the Arete MPR for an evening of 'make & take' math activities hosted by Mrs. Tamo and other Arete teachers followed by a Math "Spy Adventure" Escape Room. All participants are invited to come dressed in black as part of our SUPER SPY team. Your family will leave that night with several activities that promote math and maybe a raffle prize. We will have some fun math theme prizes. Please come and join us for this fun math adventure. This is a free event for all. 

Math Masterminds Family Night

2nd-8th Grade Spring NWEA Math and AR Reading Assessments 2023-2024

Feel free to ignore this if you only have TK/K/1 or a Blended Middle School kiddo. We are noticing that there seems to be a correlation between how long students spend on the tests and whether or not students show growth on the tests. Starting with this testing session and moving forward, students will take the NWEA Math test from 9:15-10:30. They will be encouraged to take their time, try their best and work out their problems on paper before they enter them into the computer. If they finish before the 10:30 snack break, they may read a book they brought from home or work on lessons they brought from home. At 10:30, students will have a 20 minute snack/recess break. When they return from the break, they may finish the math test if they need to or may start on the STAR Accelerated Reader test. They will be encouraged to take their time and try their best. If they finish early, they may read a book they brought from home or work on lessons they brought from home. At 12pm, all students will head out to the front of the school to be picked up by parents. This will give students the opportunity to show all they have learned and to not feel rushed or disrupted by students moving into and out of the classroom. 2nd-8th Grade Spring NWEA Math and AR Reading Assessments 2023-2024

*PRSD is focusing on reducing Tech Addiction in Children and building pathways for Digital Health. Each week I will share a NEW tidbit about this or how to to reduce screen time for kids who struggle with this.

*Solution #1 for tech use- Prevention: Delay portable electronic Devices until at least age 10.

*Solution #2 for tech use- Parents: Practice what you preach. Watch and moderate your own tech habits.

*Solution #3 for tech use- No screens at the dinner table (and, yes, have the whole family eat-and talk- together).

*Solution #4 for tech use- One day a week: Digital Fast. Smell the roses.

*Solution #5 for tech use- Talk to your children early and often about tech concerns.

*Solution #6 for tech use- Foster balanced, resilient, empathetic, and emotionally strong children.

*Solution #7 for tech use- Nurture healthy hobbies: Sports, art, music…nature activities…the Scouts! But also let your children be BORED!

*Our Leadership class in the Blended Middle School is requesting your input on what you would like them to work on this year. They are an awesome team of 6th-8th graders so please keep that in mind! Arete Leadership Survey


*Want to Sign Up For the Resource Center- do so here

*Winter Enrichments- Sign up here

*Spring Testing- Sign up here

*2023-2024 Field Trips- Sign up here

*Have Photos For the Yearbook? Email to [email protected]

Want to join Arete’s Private Family Group on Facebook- do so here. Arete Charter Academy Family Group

Remember to email Sarah at [email protected] a few days before a kiddos’ birthday if you want to send in treats so I can check for food allergies. Nuts are never allowed, but some individual classes have food allergies that I also monitor closely. Thanks for keeping our students safe. We also strongly encourage healthier treats if possible as some families closely monitor their kiddos’ sugar and food dye intake.

Please remember that we are a NUT FREE school as we have several students with severe nut allergies. Kiddos may enjoy nut free granola bars and spreads on their sandwiches and all the nut free favorites when away from Arete. Thanks!

*Want to see dates for the entire year? Click here

Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year

*January 22-26 The Great Kindness Challenge

*January 22- 4/5 Garden 10:30-11, 6-8th Garden 11:20-11:50

*January 22- Science Adventures in STEAM W/Ms. Doerr 12:15-1:30

*January 23- First Grade Garden 11:20-11:50, Kindergarten 10:45-11:15

*January 23- Science Adventures in STEAM W/Ms. Doerr 12:15-1:30

*January 24 - Bitney Prep Presentation 6-8th Grade MPR 9:15

*January 24- Culinary Arts W/Susan Gouveia 12:15-1:15 Pot Stickers

*January 24- Culinary Arts W/Susan Gouveia Fried Rice 1:15-2:15

*January 25- 2/3 Garden 11:20-11:50

*January 25- Culinary Arts W/Susan Gouveia 12:15-1:15 Pot Stickers

*January 25 Lego Motor Madness  12:15-1:45

*January 25- Culinary Arts W/Susan Gouveia Fried Rice 1:15-2:15

*January 26- Art Class w/Stephanie and Wendy 100 Day Shirt 10:30-11:30

*January 26- Friday Fun Day 11:30-12:30

*January 26- Little Fish Arts w/Susie Bell Pottery Wheel 12:30-1:30