Nevada County Tech Test Jr. 2024 Competition

Congratulations to ALL of the Arete the 5th - 8th grade students for participating in the 2024 Tech Test Jr. Competition!
The exam tests critical thinking and problem-solving skills and is no easy feat. All the students who participated should be extremely proud of themselves for rising up to the challenge.
Congratulations to Luukas Coleman the overall 5th Grade Top Finisher!
1st Place – Luukas Coleman (Arete Charter Academy)
All of the problems from the past 11 TechTest Jr. competitions, along with detailed solutions, can be
found at
For 2024, 82 5th through 8th grade students from 16 Nevada County schools participated in the 13th
annual TechTest Jr. Math competition in late February. TechTest Jr. is a math exam that tests students’
critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition to acknowledging students for their skills, it’s
intended to promote the development of more critical thinking activities in the county and to help
prepare them for the SAT and ACT tests. It also helps prepare students to compete in the TechTest
Merit Scholarship program for high school students, which each year awards up to $15,000 in college
scholarships. This year’s high school exam will be given at Nevada Union High School on Saturday,
April 27th
. For more information on the high school program, email [email protected]. Both
competitions are sponsored by the Sierra Economic and Science Foundation (SESF), and TechTest Jr.
is also sponsored by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools.