Square One Art

We are super excited to be offering Square 1 Art again this year. Some students completed projects during Art Docent this week. We have extra paper in the Arete Vestibule for you to take and have any kiddos (including siblings) complete the project at home. Then we mail the artwork to Square 1 and they ship back catalogs with your child's work on all different kinds of products for purchase. We do not make money on this, but it's a lovely service we offer families to get your kids artwork on cool products. Items will be back in time for Mother's and Father's Day. Examples of products are also in the vestibule at Arete.
"Families may not always get excited about fundraisers — but they DO get excited about what their child is learning. That is what makes Square 1 Art fundraising so exceptional.   Each child’s creativity is celebrated and families have a lasting, keepsake memory, while you raise valuable funds! That is a win-win partnership." https://www.square1art.com/
*February 14- Square One Art Due at the Arete Office
Email [email protected] with questions.