2nd-8th Grade Spring NWEA Math and AR Reading Assessments 2023

Feel free to ignore this if you only have TK/K/1 or a Blended Middle School kiddo. For everyone else, we have a change moving forward with assessments. All TK-3rd grade students completed a Dibels screener in September and will do so again in March. Students who appear to score below grade level, will receive a further diagnostic assessment so we can see what phonics skills they most need support with. Second and third graders will take this last AR test for the year to monitor growth from August.
It's that time to start scheduling the final round of NWEA Math and Accelerated Reader Testing for the 2022-2023 school year. Reminder that all testing will be completed in person this year and is mandatory. (CAASP Testing is on the State schedule for May). Second-Eighth Grade will still need to take the STAR AR test and the NWEA Math test. Second and Third Grade's EA's will also give the Dibels Screener during their 20 Day Meeting or Resource Center time in March).
Testing sessions will be offered on Monday, February 27, Thursday, March 2, Friday, March 3 (This is also the Meeting Mozart Field Trip. Please do not double book), Monday, March 6, Thursday, March 9.
If you have a busy schedule, please sign up early. We only have ONE Friday testing day, so if you need that PLEASE book early. If your child has an Arete Chromebook checked out to them, please charge and have them bring it with them. If they need to check one out from us, please come 10 minutes early to check it out so the kiddos can be logged in and ready when the testing session starts.
ALL 2-8th grade parents should sign their kiddos up for one of the testing slots. Only the Blended Middle School will complete these assessments during their regular resource center time. As always, please email [email protected] with questions! Thanks!