Who We Are? Arete Charter Academy

Arete Charter Academy believes that an educated person in the 21st Century is a confident, lifeĀ­long learner, who can communicate effectively, think creatively, reason logically, manage resources effectively, and understand and capitalize on their own talents, strengths, and abilities.

  Operating at 22431 Kingston Lane, Grass Valley, California, Arete Charter Academy will improve educational opportunities   

  for students and families in Nevada County and surrounding counties by providing a school that is:


  • Offering a rigorous academic curriculum to all its students.
  • Committed to maintaining high expectations for both academic and personal performance.
  • Believing that students deserve the opportunity to have instruction delivered in a way that is meaningful and accessible to providing a supportive school environment.
  • Including parental involvement as an essential element of a quality educational experience.
  • Acknowledging that every person is valuable and deserves.
  • Knowing that all students can learn and that they learn in different ways.