Monitoring Progress

Good afternoon Parents,
As we just completed 56 days of school as of today, you should see academic growth with your child.  It is imperative that you sit with your child every night to ask how they are doing in school and ask them to explain what they are learning. If they tell you school is good, do not leave the conversation at that point but ask them why it was good.  Ask them to show you why it is good.  PRUSD has committed to making sure all students are receiving the support they need to meet grade-level expectations this school year.  
This is the season when we have the most breaks in the school year and to sustain growth during this time of the year, daily conversations should occur between you and your child(ren) about what they are learning.  Some activities that will help in improving their literacy skills during the holidays are having them engage in reading and writing daily.  If you are taking a trip, have them write about the best part of the trip.  Mathematically, students can plan the trip and have them figure out how many miles and the cost of the trip.  For younger students be more conversational with them and have them describe the trip and the different shapes they may see on the trip. 
There are many free apps that can support continued learning during the holidays.  Below is the link.
We value the continued partnership for your child's success.