Welcome Back

Good afternoon PRUSD families.   We hope you’ve enjoyed your summer break and we are excited to see our students tomorrow.  The entire staff has worked long and hard to ensure the schools are ready for the 2022-2023 school year.  We have hired 26 new employees to support learning for all.  This year PRUSD will be focusing on ELA, Math, and Student Engagement. 

We also are offering free Expanded Learning Opportunities for all students who qualify for free and reduced lunch for students in K-8th grades based on criteria by filling out the annual free lunch application.  Please reach out to your child's school if you have any questions about the Expanded Learning Opportunities program (ELO).  ELO will be replacing our afterschool recreation program.  

It is important for all PRUSD families to continue to adhere to the health and safety protocols for the COVID 19 virus.  The most important process is to continue to assess your children with the daily self-check for the potential of having COVID 19.  If they do test positive, please contact your school immediately for what to do next.  With summer activities coming to an end, we may see increases in COVID 19 within our county, but with all of us taking precautions we will continue to keep classes and schools open.  Thank you for supporting the schools with precautionary measures.  Free home test kits are available at each of the school's offices.  

This year PRUSD will not be offering longer independent studies for COVID 19-related concerns.  If you would like to have independent studies for the entire school year, you will need to apply for enrollment at Arete Charter Academy.  Space is limited so you may want to contact Arete Charter Academy soon with any questions you may have.

PRUSD will be making some changes in the safety protocols this school year at all of the sites.  One change is if you have  business on campus or need to go on campus to pick up your child, you must check in at the office and receive a visitor pass before going to any classrooms.  Please help us with this as we want parents, students, and staff to feel safe while at school.  Other measures will be developed and both staff and students will engage in safety protocols/drills throughout the school year to ensure everyone knows what to do if we need to enact any safety measures.   

Thank you for choosing PRUSD. The safety of our students, staff, and community is always our number one priority.