Message to Families for the 2022-2023 School Year

Good evening,

We are so excited that Arete Charter Academy will be part of your family’s educational journey for the 2022-2023 school year. We are so excited to be planning for next year and all of the new adventures we will be having including new field trips and enrichment instructors and classes. We also will be building a new fence and planting an orchard. We also will be returning to many of our educational practices that Arete had before Covid as all mandates have been lifted. These are all outlined in the Master Agreement and Parent Handbook that you will be signing in August. Here are some updates/reminders of what those practices are.


*All district and state testing will be in person. We did not have distance testing before Covid and the state and district are finding that results are much more accurate when testing is completed on campus. The district and state returned to this for the past school year and Arete will be implementing this for the coming school year.


*All district and state testing is still required if your child attends Arete. Opt out options are for students who attend the school in their district of residence. Arete is a school of choice and our charter renewal is dependent on all of our students testing and showing growth towards grade level standards. The state is clamping down on those requirements more and more every year and charter and home schools are being especially closely watched. Arete’s goal is to provide students with the most individualized and comprehensive education we can, and we can only do that if our charter is renewed and we get to stay open. (We have different requirements than public schools).


*All speech and specialized academic services for students with IEPs will be returned to in person only.


*Enrollment meetings and 20 Day Meetings will be in person. We are updating and streamlining our Assignment and PE logs and this will be a great time for Educational Advisors to review and support families with these. There may be an opportunity for families who hold their meetings on time with their Educational Advisor and turn in all logs and work samples on the day of their meeting, to move to Zoom meetings after the first trimester if it is effective for both the family and the Educational Advisor. If the Educational Advisor, student, parent team is approved to move to Zoom meetings, the parent and student will need to be present in the meeting and all documents and logs will need to be scanned to the Educational Advisor at least 24 hours before the meeting.


*There are requirements from our audit by the state that we need to show we are meeting. This is what we have been requesting this year and will be requiring for the 2022-2023 school year.

-Please bring all student work from the 20 days of instruction to showcase, and the Educational Advisor will choose two samples for each subject from what is provided.This way the team has a real picture of the progress your child is making.

-All samples must have one sentence per grade level. K students can label with letters and words or dictate to parents. 8th grade must have EIGHT sentences, etc.

-Math samples should have at least eight problems or more (we understand this will look different from kinder than 8th grade).

-Samples should be two separate samples and not a second page of the same sample.

-First grade on up should be in the kiddos own writing, unless they have an IEP in which case, se start expecting that by 3rd-4th grade.


*Assignment Completion Log- Must be filled out in detail with specific lessons/topics of study or percentages (online curriculum only). 


This may sound like a lot of changes at first, but please remember that everyone at Arete is on your kiddos’ team, and your Educational Advisor will be there to support your family and that EA’s will work with families as a team to assist with these requirements. 


Also, we are so excited to bring chickens on our campus that we are starting the planning now. Please complete this brief survey so we can gauge people's interest.


If you are no longer planning on having your child attend Arete, please email Sarah at [email protected] so she can release their spots. Thank you!



If you received this email, you are registered on our website, Edlio, to receive all Arete updates. You can also request to be in our private Facebook page titled Arete Charter Academy Family Group.


We are so EXCITED for the adventure of a new school and hope you have an amazing summer!