Spring NWEA Math and Accelerated Reader Testing

This round of testing will run very similarly to Winter Testing in December. We will offer in person testing on Monday, March 1, and two sessions on Tuesday, March 2. Then on Thursday, March 4, we will offer two rounds of Distance Testing via Zoom. Students can take the STAR AR test anytime after March 1st at home by clicking here. https://global-zone08.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/288373https://global-zone08.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/288373

The link is also on the Arete website under "Student Links".

If you have a busy schedule, please sign up early. If your child has an Arete Chromebook checked out to them, please charge and have them bring it with them. If they need to check one out from us, please come 10 minutes early to check it out so the kiddos can be logged in and ready when the testing session starts.

Since our Resource Center attendance is a bit sporadic at this time, ALL parents should sign their kiddos up for one of the testing slots. As always, please email [email protected] with questions! Thanks!

Spring Testing