Message from Nevada County School Districts

Dear students, parents/guardians, and community members:
On November 10, 2020, updated COVID-19 data was released from the State for all counties. As you may know, Nevada County is experiencing an increase in positive COVID-19 tests. The increase in cases has caused our county to trend to the red tier in the coming days and/or weeks. This change in tier assignment will not result in Nevada County schools closing or force any changes to our existing educational programs, although it may impact our ability to further expand programs and in-person activities. Districts plan to continue as they have been in hopes of maintaining programs for students.
The State and County Health Department has set clear guidelines for how schools respond when staff or students exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. Following those guidelines is critical to our schools remain open, although it can pose additional challenges. When teachers exhibit symptoms, schools face significant challenges in getting substitute teachers when needed. With the decrease in substitute teachers, schools may be forced to cancel in-person classes for short periods of time for staff to complete COVID-19 testing, receive results, and symptoms to resolve. We know this can be problematic for many families and schedules. Please know, we will do our best to communicate any program changes as soon as possible to all families.
The county's return to "Red," however, could potentially impact the school's ability to conduct other school-related events/programs. These could include visual and performing arts, athletics, and other student-related activities and events. We continue to work closely with NC Public Health to seek guidance regarding what modified events and activities might be allowable in light of recent developments.
For your information, attached is a formal press release from the Nevada County Public Health Information Officer.
Please reach out to your school if you have any questions.
Scott W. Lay, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools
Brett W. McFadden, Nevada Joint Union High School District
Torie Gibson, Penn Valley Union Elementary School District
Rusty Clark, Pleasant Ridge Union School District
Erica Crane, Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning
Melissa Madigan, Twin Ridges Elementary School District
Jennifer Dearduff, Twin Ridges Home Study Charter
Andy Parsons, Union Hill School District
Barbara Linares, Yuba River Charter
Jonathan Molnar, Bitney Prep High School
Katie Kohler, Chicago Park Elementary School
Carolyn Cramer, Clear Creek Elementary School
Peter Sagebiel, Forest Charter School
Andrew Withers, Grass Valley School District
Monica Daugherty, Nevada City School District
Holly Pettitt, Nevada City School of the Arts