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Legislative Update

Arete families,

We need your help! As many of you know, Arete has been growing very quickly as a homeschool option for families. We recently found out that Bill AB77 and SB98 could dramatically change funding for schools for the next school year. This bill has passed the State Assembly, Senate, and was signed by the governor. This bill caps funding for schools using last years’ attendance as of February. So instead of receiving funding for the amount of students enrolled in Arete for the 2020-2021 school year, we would receive funding for our February 2020 enrollment numbers. This is a dramatic change from how funding has occurred up until now. This means we would receive no funding for any new students. The good news is the Governor asked the Legislature to look at targeted solutions. He said,

“While maintaining school funding at current levels allows for stability in the public education system, it does not take into account schools that had planned expansions. By not funding those expansions, families enrolled in those schools may be displaced, with impacts exacerbated by the uncertainties caused by COVID-19. I urge members of the Legislature to pursue targeted solutions to these potential disruptions, and will work with you in the coming weeks to enact them.”

We need you to act now to ask for a review of this bill so Arete can support and educate more students next year. Please take a few moments to make your voice heard and let your representative know that your tax dollars should follow all students to whatever school they attend.

Please call/email your Senator and Assembly Representative now. Find their contact information here-

When you contact them, please tell them your name, city of residence and why homeschooling is important for your family. Tell them you oppose AB 77 and SB 98. Ask them to AMEND the bill so funding follows the student. Describe why it’s so important to preserve school choice during a pandemic and why your family needs school choice.

Read the entire bill here.

Regardless of whether or not this is amended, we will need a really accurate number on how many students want to attend Arete. If you have not already completed your child’s PowerSchool enrollment, please do so ASAP or by July 15. If you have not completed it by then, I will email you to let you know that you will be moved to a waiting list of interested families. If you are unsure if your forms are complete, please email DeAnne at to check.

PRSD is working diligently at creating a comprehensive distance learning plan to meet students' needs who may not be able to attend Arete. This is distressing news to all of us and we will be closely monitoring the situation and providing updates as we receive them. Please do not hesitate to email me with questions!

Thank you for your time.

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