Arete Charter Academy

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Encourage, Engage, and Educate all students to learn and grow to their full potential, recognizing the diverse value of each child.

Important Dates

*May 20- Last day of CAASP testing. THANK YOU so much for getting your kiddos here and thanks to all who brought snacks. The kids loved them. We look like we will have 100% participation and that protects our sweet little charter home school. You guys are the best!

*May 21- Last day of library. Please return ALL books.

*May 23- Field trip to Coloma- Marshall Gold Discovery State Park 10am All ages. Parking Fee. The Arete Resource Center is closed this day. If it is raining or thundering that day- the field trip will be rescheduled to the fall and the Resource Center will be open. I will make the call Wednesday and send out an email and post on FB.

*May 24- Last day to turn in reimbursements and invoices for 2018-2019 school year.

*May 27- Memorial Day Holiday Arete Resource Center is closed.

*May 28th- Last day of Arete Resource Center for K-3- Art Docent and treats

*May 29th- Last day of Arete Resource Center for 4-8- Art Docent and treats

*May 30th- Community Canvas Acrylic Painting Class-

*June 3- Promoting 8th Graders Sunsplash trip- By invite only. $27 checks written to Magnoila School are dues ASAP. Also, kiddos need to bring money for food.

*June 4-6- Session 9- 20 Day Meetings

*June 5-7- Check in Chromebooks and materials with Andrea Magda

*June 5- Arete Charter Academy's Promotion and Family Celebration 5:30-6:30pm.

*June 7- Last day of school because we used both snow days.

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